NW Bronco II Ford 2.9 Specs

2.9 Facts and general specifications

Engine Oil Pressure (Hot) 40-60 psi at 2000 rpm

Engine Fuel Pressure Key On Engine Off 35 - 45 psi

Engine Fuel Pressure Key On Engine Running 30 - 40 psi

General Engine Specs

Electrical related Ignition Specs

Ignition Coil Winding Resistance (ohms at 75 degrees F or 24 degrees C)

1982-88 w/TFI (EEC IV): Primary, 0.3-1.0; Secondary, 8000-11,500.

V6 Ignition Firing Order: 1 4 2 5 3 6

Test and troubleshooting the Distributor Ignition Pickup:

Ignition Timing Specs: Dont forget to disconnect the SPOUT!

Computer Timing Advance

1981-83, specifications include initial timing.

1984-89, specifications are in addition to basic timing.

Test with engine at operating temperature.

Activate system test procedure. check advance against specifications.


Fluid Specifications:

Cooling System Specifications:

EC Ethylene Glycol Coolant

Mix 50/50 with water or at least to -20F (-29C)



U.S.A (Except Oregon) E2FZ-19549-AA or -B

Canada CXC-8-B

Oregon F5FZ-19549-CC

Ford Specification ESE-M97B44-A


Ford Part No. F1AZ-19A503-A

Ford Specification ESR-M14P7-A

Coolant Mixture with Water 50%

Warning: Do not mix coolant types. Check the owners manual or refer

 to your local dealer for the correct coolant type.

More Fluid Specs:

EP Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant

Ford Part No. D8DZ-19C547-A

Automatic Transmission Fluid, Type F

Hydraulic Brake Fluid, Extra

Heavy-Duty dot 3

HP Hypoid Gear Oil

Ford Part No. E0AZ-19580-A

Engine overhaul and component wear and service limits.








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